Click Here For More Photos. Call us on Home Login. Vaporizer's Scales Rolling Papers Steamrollers. Glass Chillums. We have secure servers and exchange zero customer information. Tobacco Use Only. This pocket sized smoking bowl can turn almost any bottle like object into a smoking device. Simply push the fine point into a bottle, and lightly turn the cork screw until fully secured.

Then Presto! You instantly have a smoking device. It really is that easy. Do not be fooled by cheap knock-offs. This classic brass pipe is the last smoking pipe you will ever need. Includes: Proto Pipe, tar trap, stash pod, and poker. Featuring a larger bowl size, and both top and bottom swivel lids for easier cleaning. Hand crafted in Willitz California. This piece is a one of a kind and double the fun. Good for mixing your products for a unique experience.

Or use one of the bowls for a carb. Only comes in Nickel based elbow.

Smoking Pipes Metal

Color Choice Nickel Brass. Build Your Own Custom Pipe. SMA02 Pipe. Custom 50 Ref: custom50 Keep an eye on these or they will end up in your freinds pocket, Built on a Heavy Base these upright pipes fit nice in your hand,45' Angle bowl and Mouth Piece make it Easy to smoke, Nice smooth Acrylic Mouth Piece and Chamber, The bowls in our Build your own section fit on these 4"L x 5.

Custom 57 Ref: custom57 These are real Beautie's, Remember those candy bars you could only eat half and saved the rest for later, Well these will put you down Twice, I call them the "Now and Later", Load both bowls the second bowl acts like a Carb hole, nice smooth mouth piece, very comfortable to smoke 5.

Customer Services Contact Us.Blog by Robert M. The simple facts are that certain parts used in the construction of some old pipes are no longer manufactured nor can they be, and still more materials needed to restore them and others to original condition are not being pre-fashioned.

This dearth of components that once were ready-made or easier to come by restricts their availability to a rarefied number of true artists in the repair business possessing the essential skills to create vital pieces to the specifications of given projects. Such craftsmen, already very difficult to track down, are in fact dying out.

This is the sad reality. The supplies I have identified so far with careful thought, but by no means having reached a comprehensive list, are Bakelite, including Redmanol;:amber and amberoid; ivory, notwithstanding its illegality in the U. He is retired but continues taking a hand in the operation as his son now runs the shop.

Prepared for the immediate negative response, I wanted to know if I could buy an assortment of bone screw tenons from them, but his next words shook me and started the cogitation that led to this blog. A few others on SF responded with vague attempts to help that I appreciated, but none could recall the name of the person who did such specialty work for them in the distant past.

Only when I posted in the thread that the problem was solved by the link provided in the first response did several other members chime in that they had also used Norwoods Pipe Repair at times and gave the man with whom I had the honor of chatting, or in more recent experiences his son, Kenneth, their highest recommendation for quality of service, speed and price.

Metal Pipes

I amended my previous comment to include the total of four glowing referrals, but it did little to cheer up the aging expert whose specialized skills I have now enjoyed for three pipes.

Baekelanda Belgian-American chemist, invented Bakelite, the first synthetic plastic, in He named it after himself. I will save most of the ruthless and covetous tactics Baekeland undertook, in order to seize control of many much smaller companies that made similar but superior synthetic plastics, for another blog that is in the works.

Bakelite was patented for its revolutionary innovation that employed thermosetting, a process of controlling intense heating and pressure, of phenol and formaldehyde resins sometimes combined with lesser amounts of wood or asbestos fibers that resulted in soft or liquid material.

In that form, Bakelite could be molded into any shape before final curing rendered it irreversible. Baekeland called his machine that performed the entire operation — what else? The two particular small, independent chemical research and production laboratories to which I alluded a moment ago — the Redmanol Chemical Products Co.

Redman, after whom his creation was self-styled; and the Condensite Co. Aylsworth, over which Redmanol had acquired a controlling interest — developed synthetic plastics that were stronger and capable of being colored in more varieties than Bakelite. Original Bakelite, whatever the color, still looked like plastic, while deep red, translucent Redmanol was so close to amber of the same color that it often requires an expert to differentiate the two.

Bakelite cigar holder, left; real amber compared to Redmanol, right. The greater strength and coloring qualities of Redmanol and Condensite were the results of different chemical catalysts used employing the same basic heat and pressure process innovated by Baekeland.

But Redmanol employed the action of formin on carbolic acid, while Condensite utilized the effect of chlorine on naphthalene. Aylsworth devised a means of heating the chlorine and naphthalene without pressure, a process Redman adopted.Cheap Glass Pipes.

Colored Glass Chillum Pipes are a inch straight glass pipe with a bowl on the end. Smaller Size for easy travel or keep in pocket. Perfect for glass art animal pipes collectors! Dugouts and cigarette one hitter pipes are designed with a small bowl for single tokes consuming minimal herbs. Metal Replacement Pipe Parts for the classic hand chamber pipes. Metal chamber pipes are a hand weed pipes with a chamber to either use as storage or keep packed to THC resignate while smoking pot.

dk metal pipes

Designed to look like common everyday items that open up to a hidden weed pipes to handle your smoking. Plus all your metal pipe cleaning accessories. Discounted Glass Pipes Clearance Sale. Glass Pipes have small defects or with minor cosmetic cracks that do not affect the functionality of the item. Great Pipe Deals! We provide glass pipes at low prices while still maintaining quality.

If your a hot stoner girl, then submit your photos to our free glass pipe contest at BlazedGirls. If you purchase an item and do a video review for us, we will issue credit back to you. Email us for details after your purchase. Use at Your Own Risk. Rolling Papers are available in flavored, clear, wired or hemp rolling papers.

CBD Oils. Concentrate Pipes. Digital Scales. Glass Bubblers. Glass Chillums. Glass Hammers. Glass Pipes. Herb Grinders. One Hitter Pipes. Metal Pipes.

dk metal pipes

Pipe Parts. Rolling Papers. Stealth Pipes. Water Pipes. Waterpipe Stems. Wood Pipes. Mail Order Form. Online Head Shop.Do you prefer herb or tobacco smoking from a metal pipe? Then you will love our selection of metal smoking pipes in al colors shapes and sizes. When you buy a metal smoking pipe from Smoke Pipe Shop, you are getting a quality crafted piece at a very affordable price.

Each piece is designed for either smoking herb or pipe tobacco. Designed by Fantasy Website Design. Home Shop Glass Pipes 2. Home Shop. Glass Pipes. Large Water Pipes Bubblers. Monthly Special Clearance Starter Kit. All Categories. Metal Pipes Do you prefer herb or tobacco smoking from a metal pipe? Browse Metal Smoking Pipes. Sort by. Product Name. Start Prev 1 2 Next End Page 1 of 2. Black Cone-Shaped Pipe.

Product details. Black Metal Pipe With Peace. Black Pipe With Key Chain. Blue Pipe With Peace. Gold Metal Pipe. Gold Pipe. Green Cobra Pipe. Green Lizzard Pipe. Green Metal Pipe. Light Blue Cone-Shaped Pipe. Light Blue Pipe With Cobra.

Lizard Blue Pipe. Pink Pipe With Colorful Attachments. Purple Metal pipe With Crystals. Check with your individual state for legality. You must be 21 years or older to browse this website and purchase products. Sign-up for Discounts.

Secure Payments.Info Contact Sign in. Pipes Read more Use the filters and the search function to enhance your experience Larsen White Star Wojtek Pastuch.

Filter Show all No Filter 6 mm. Price New price! Low - High High - Low. Show Only available Newest first. More info Buy now. Castello Castello Billard Sitter 4K. Castello Castello Saddle stem Billard 2K.

Chacom Alpina Billard. Chacom New Gentleman Bent Acorn. Chacom Starter Set Bent Billard bag etc. More info. Chacom Starter Set Bent Brandy bag etc. Copenhagen Collection Apple Smooth Virgin. Corn Cob Pipe Wizard Cobbit w. Acrylic Stem. Estate Georg Jensen Flawless B. Apple 9 mm Un. Estate Savinelli Christmas Pipe Unsmoked.

dk metal pipes

Estate Stanwell DM Unsmoked. Johs High Grade Bent Brandy w. Kai Nielsen Jewel C Billard 9 mm. Ken Dederich Assymetrical Nosewarmer. Kent Rasmussen Blasted Billard. Lasse Skovgaard Bent Brandy. Lasse Skovgaard Half Bent Tulip w. Manduela The Bulldog w.Log in. Forums New posts Search forums. Retailer Directory. Radio Show. Pipe Shows.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Search Advanced…. New posts.

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Search forums. Forum list. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. PipesMagazine Approved Sponsor. Welcome to our Community. Want to join the rest of our members? Feel free to sign up today. Log in Your name or email address. Password Forgot your password? Stay logged in. Search on Site Search Search. Categories Ask G. Recent Posts. Latest posts.Since members of the Kirsten family in Seattle, Washington have been making these cool smoking pipes from the finest aircraft grade aluminium, Greek briar, Turkish meerschaum, and Italian lucite.

Hand crafted by people who care about your satisfaction! Our Pipes Since members of the Kirsten family in Seattle, Washington have been making these cool smoking pipes from the finest aircraft grade aluminium, Greek briar, Turkish meerschaum, and Italian lucite.

Accessories We also offer some premium accessories and parts to keep your Kirsten pipe in top condition. However in the Turkish government made a policy change and since then all meerschaum is only allowed to be exported as a finished product.

Hand Pipes

A recent spring cleaning in the Kirsten warehouse unearthed a limited supply of meerschaum bowls in small, medium, and large sizes which were hand-carved approximately by our founder Gene Kirsten.

There are no size extra-large as that size had not yet been offered. Most of this stock is a staghorn finish that colors beautifully with age. We're delighted to offer these rare gems to our serious fans and collectors Factory Seconds Briar Bowls We have a small quantity of "factory seconds" briar bowls Slight blemishes or nicks on the exterior finish but they still smoke great! Specify smooth or sandblast finish and we'll ship you the cream of the remaining crop.

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